Unique Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Unique Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Unique Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home is a very important thing or many people feel like their interior design does not seem to be impressive. If you are living in a big house, collecting wall decorating ideas for your home.

There are so many beautiful wall art pieces nowadays that it can be a bit overwhelming. In the past, I used to rarely add décor items to my home because living in a small space meant I literally had nowhere for them to go. That was until I stumbled upon wall art and decor accessories online. The beauty of the internet is that we can literally walk around our homes and see all sorts of decoration ideas that we would possibly enjoy and integrate into our own spacious home without having to store all of it. It’s like a light bulb moment when you think about different ways you can use various wall art pieces in your home to make your little house look bigger and more appealing; especially when you’re limited to something like a room with not enough storage.

Choose the right home decor for your home that fits into the theme you are after. Decorate your walls using wallpapers that match or blend in with the accent theme you’ve chosen to create. Wallpapers also provide the perfect background for photos, paintings, and drawings to be displayed on your walls. Here are several unique ideas for wall sections that you can apply in your home. There is something about taking old items and using them to create a different type of decor which we love.

1. Metallic Framed Prints

If you want a picture on the wall, one kind of product does not make sense to make: a framed piece of steel. Steel resists molding and shaping. The only practical way to make a steel frame is flat and rectangular. These frames look awkward when they get hung up on the wall—they always seem to be about 2 inches too big. When making this or any other product, you have to choose between elegance and versatility.

2. Pressed Plants In Custom Frames

I’ve been thinking about how to frame pressed plants in a modern way to make these old-school things look fresh. Pressing flowers were sort of the trendy thing to do in the Victorian era. And if you look for flower presses on Amazon these days, they seem to have a kind of rustic/Victorian feel… but if I’m going to change my decor often, it will get tired fast if everything looks the same. I wanted something a little more modern and a little less kitschy. Interior designers use lots of custom frames, so this led me on a search for custom picture framing at places like West Elm and Restoration Hardware. They do have some nice options, but their prices are pretty absurdly high.

3. Postcard Wall Art

Framing your favorite postcards is a simple and stylish way to personalize a room. When you’re decorating a living space, a bare wall can be a little awkward. Mounting some art is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of any room, but not all art conveys an aesthetic that reflects your style. Postcards, on the other hand, are available in nearly every place you visit, and they’re specifically designed to add personality without spending too much on an original piece.

Every time you go on a trip, keep a postcard from that place. They will soon begin to add up. They work great for decorating a wall too! If you’re going to frame your postcards, opt for gold or dark colors since white mats will reveal their age more quickly.

4. Marbled Artwork As Mounted Wall Art

This look is stunning and beautiful, and so easy to accomplish. If you love marbled effects and thinking outside the box, this is a great project for you. Make sure to read the entire article and view all of the detailed pictures I have provided. Artwork that is mounted on a piece of hardboard, canvas, or a group of similar materials is usually meant to be hung from a wall. But this type of artwork can be positioned in many ways. You can hang it vertically or horizontally or use it as a decorative piece by propping it up somewhere else in your home. Or you could mount it on a piece of foam board and create a wall collage. If you’re going to wash the art to preserve its condition, fasten it to a lightweight material that will help the board dry properly without bowing or warping it.

If you’re looking for simple home decor, look no further than your own refrigerator! Do you like the idea of adding a little pop to your wall decor with art that can come right out of your kitchen? Then this DIY idea is perfect for you! It’s inexpensive, easy, and really highlights all the colors in your kitchen. Look up some inspiration photos online. There are so many different techniques out there, you should be able to find something that works for you.

5. Landscape Framed Canvas Art Prints

Canvas photo prints are perfect for hanging on your wall, adding a cool accent to your room, or giving as a special gift. These ready-to-hang framed home decor accessories are made using high-quality materials that are printed with vivid clarity on 13 oz natural canvas. Shutterfly offers different types of canvas photo prints, including landscapes, nature & animals, cities & buildings, flowers & plants, and abstracts.

Landscape art prints are beautiful works of art that will enhance any room in your home. Replicate the look of an original masterpiece by choosing canvas photo prints of the landscape for your walls. By choosing the framed option, you can hang your canvas landscapes vertically or horizontally to get the perfect look for any space in your home.

6)Work With Sporting Equipment

A wall of sporting equipment is an impressive sight and creates an atmosphere of action. The eye rapidly scans the rack of sticks, golf bags, keys, baseball mitts, riding helmets, tennis racquets, polo mallets, hockey sticks, fishing rods, and lacrosse sticks. Any house that you need to be impressed by it is already out of your league. The best way to get the most for your money is to get creative with designing your home. You can do that naturally by just being aware of the power of color, texture, shape, and pattern.

7)Go for Large-Scale Paintings

A large painting can make a dramatic statement in a small room. To hang such a large wall art piece, attach it to the wall with French cleats–wooden brackets that allow you to adjust the alignment without causing any damage. If you accidentally cover up one of your windows, just take the artwork down and reinstall it after moving the bracket over.

Just as a room with only high-wattage light bulbs can feel harsh and aggressive, rooms overrun with too many small decorative prints can look chaotic and cluttered. Medium-scale pieces like the one here make a quieter, more inclusive point. They let you enjoy their pattern and color as objects without letting them overwhelm the other details in the room. And empty walls, palette-clothed and primed, provide an opportunity to feature a single striking piece of art: large enough to wow, small enough to fit into your design.

8)Try Cornered Art

One of the most common arts hanging mistakes, says New York-based arts and interior designer Kari Cookson, is stringing a straight line of pictures along a bare wall. “It can make your room look like a hallway,” says Cookson, an instructor at Parsons The New School’s Designer as Author Program. On a feature wall, she recommends balancing two pieces on opposite ends of the room with something in between.

If you have a tight corner that needs attention, hang a piece or two of art on the walls that meet there. It’s the simplest way to make an impact in an otherwise underutilized area and gives the room a gallery-like sophistication. (If you want even more ideas, see: Tricks for Making Tight Corners Work )

9)Decorate With Small Objects

Wall-mounted bookshelves are not only practical but also beautiful. They can be created to blend in with the décor or complement existing décor. Use all kinds of small objects, decorative boxes, colorful books, and sculptures on the shelves of a bookcase to enhance the décor of a living room. This also works well in a space that already has art and additional décor on the walls.Take one extra step to organize your smaller items on the bookshelf. Little trinkets, decorative boxes, photos, and figurines of any sort look good on shelves. They can be arranged into an elegant display of beauty that enhances a room’s décor beautifully.

10) Create a Diptych

A diptych is a work of art in two parts, which when hung together form a single piece. This is a practice most commonly found in painting, especially in the West, but can be applied to most visual or performing arts.

A diptych is said to be a work of art that is displayed on two separate panels hung side by side. Italian for ‘two-fold’, a diptych is a major category in art history and refers to any two-part object that can consist of either two physically attached panels or a single panel with an unattached piece. A painting of the Virgin Mary and Jesus is often featured as a diptych. Sometimes, when your guest gets settled in, you’ll notice he or she will get distracted by something. Your child maybe. Your dog. The television. After a while, though, they’ll turn toward the art on your walls and start to take it in again. That’s when you know you’ve picked well.


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