How to Create a Foyer in an Open Living Room without Breaking the Bank

One of the most common living room design mistakes people make is to have an open floor plan that doesn’t include any dividers or walls. While it does provide a lot of flexibility, an open floor plan can also cause problems, including making the room feel cold and uninviting and making it hard to define areas in the space. Luckily, adding a foyer or entryway to your living room doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Here are some ways you can build one yourself on any budget.

How to Create a Foyer in an Open Living Room


Add Value Without Adding Square Footage

If you have an open-plan living room, you may feel like you need to create a true foyer with a standalone entry door. But think twice before knocking down walls: You can almost always add space and value to your home by improving function rather than adding square footage.

If your front door opens directly into your living area, consider adding chairs and tables so that visitors can wait comfortably as you finish getting ready.

They’ll be less likely to wander around your house while you’re out of sight. And if it’s not practical for them to sit there (maybe there isn’t enough seating), at least put up a coat rack or bench where they can hang their things.

The goal is to give guests something specific to do when they arrive, which will reduce distractions and make them more comfortable waiting in your home.

When guests come over unannounced, you could also keep a basket full of magazines on hand; people tend to get bored quickly when left alone with nothing to do—even if they just came over for five minutes!

Interesting Display Case

Picture frames and other display cases can be used as foyers. They have many of the elements found in traditional entryways, such as artistic appeal and spots for photos or items that tell visitors something about your family or interests.

It’s also easy to find picture frames at thrift stores; all you need is a little paint and finishing work. Hang them just inside your living room or open-concept hallway from one of your walls.

The frame will serve as a small barrier between your kitchen and living room, creating a sense of privacy while still allowing guests to see into your home. The frame will also help break up large spaces into smaller ones that are easier on guests’ eyes.

Rope Lighting

The most expensive part of any foyer remodel is making it look like you had no idea what you were doing. A good way to make your home look classy without breaking your bank account is with rope lighting.

The rope lighting adds depth and can be draped along with wall molding or around chandeliers or sconces. It is easy to install, comes with multiple different colors, and fits almost any budget.

You will have enough left over for a pizza, too! This project won’t take more than a few hours and will only cost about $20 per linear foot.

That’s pretty cheap considering that you could spend hundreds on hiring someone else to do it for you.

Dress Up Ceiling

Painting your ceiling is one of those things that can totally change up a room. Plus, it’s super easy and fast. You’ll find tons of inspiration online and with some brainstorming, you can make something just as beautiful as anything you see at design blogs.

Do it today! Paint over your existing light fixture so you don’t have to spend even more time painting later on. If you want to go for a bolder look, paint around it instead.

Use paint tape to help get crisp lines if needed. Once everything dries, remove any tape or putty from your fixtures and enjoy!

Family Heirlooms

One of my favorite things about our open living space is that it allows us to have multiple conversations and activities going on at once.

But as much as I love it, there are some days when I wish we had more room. Adding a foyer would allow us to maintain our openness while still giving us some separation between two sides of the activity. Of course, with space at such a premium, adding another area into which we could crowd up seems like overkill.

Framed Mirrors

Decorative mirrors don’t have to be just for your walls. A big, bold mirror can make a great statement piece at your front door.

Whether you hang it horizontally or vertically, place it on its side and add floating shelves, or turn it on its side and suspend it from your ceiling with hardware attached through two holes near each corner of the mirror itself, using antique decorative hardware will give you that rustic chic look.

Large or Small Statue

A large statue will always add more character and detail than a small one. So if you want to stand out from other homeowners, go big with your main feature piece! It may be wise to scale down your foyer decor and opt for several smaller pieces instead of one large centerpiece for smaller homes.

It’s easier on your wallet and helps balance out small rooms better. However, some homeowners choose small statues or sculptures for their space as well, simply because they don’t have room for anything else!


A candle is a simple, easy way to create a cozy ambiance, but you can also use them creatively throughout your home.

To add some welcoming warmth and glowing light into your foyer, set up candles on either side of your front door: Place one candle in front of each window for some well-lit ambiance. Just remember that with fire comes danger, so it’s best to keep these out of reach from pets and kids.

Floor Vase with Flowers and Greenery

Add some greenery and flowers to your foyer with a floor vase. Not only does it add color, but it also helps you bring fresh flowers into your home.

Just be sure that whatever you do, don’t put anything too large into these floor displays, as they won’t stay standing for long. For best results, mix plants with flowers. If you want something permanent, opt for a small potted plant or succulent instead of cut flowers.

You can even use herbs like rosemary or thyme to give your space a unique scent.

Use the Space

If you have an open living room, you might want to create a foyer in this space. A foyer is a small hallway that leads to a separate part of your home. You can create a foyer by using an ottoman or an extra sofa. The foyer can be a great addition to an open living room.

Use the Space Wisely

An open living room is a great space to use. However, you can make this space even better by using it wisely. For example, you can use the space to create a small dining table. If you do not want a permanent dining table, you can use the space to create a temporary table.

Add a Rug

Adding a rug to the floor of an open living room can make the space look and feel much more formal. The rug will add a lot of warmth to the space and it will make the space look more inviting. You can buy a rug for a reasonable price at most stores.

Use the Space Wisely

An open living room is a great space to use. However, it is important to use the space wisely. You should not use the space to display artwork or expensive furniture. You can use the space to display items that are important to you.

Use the Space Wisely

An open living room is a great space to use. However, you can make this space look and feel even more inviting by adding some accessories. You can use art pieces and plants to add a warm and welcoming feel to the space. You can also add a large mirror to the wall to add some additional space to the room.


Q1: What is the biggest mistake people make when decorating their living rooms?

A: People tend to put too much furniture in their living room, and they end up paying more for it than they should. They also don’t think about where their furniture is going to go and how it will look.

Q2: What are some things you can do to create a foyer in an open living room without breaking the bank?

A: Make sure to leave space in the living room for a foyer. When you start decorating the room, leave an area for the foyer. Then, just fill it up with a small table and chairs.

Q3: What are some tips for creating a cohesive living room?

A: For a cohesive living room, you have to make sure that everything goes together. For example, if you have a sofa, you can’t have a coffee table next to it. You have to put the coffee table somewhere else.

Q4: What is the best way to make a living room feel bigger?

A: You can add mirrors or hang curtains on the walls. Also, you can get a standing lamp and hang it over the sofa.

Q5: What’s the best way to coordinate a living room and dining room?

A: The best way to coordinate a living room and dining room is to have the same color scheme in both rooms.

Q6: What are some things you can do to create a focal point in a living room?

A: A focal point is where everyone goes to in the room. You can have a mirror, a painting, or a sculpture.

Q7: What do you do if you need to decorate an office that has no doors?

A: It’s important to make sure you have good lighting in the room. You can also use a mirror or picture frames to make it seem like there are doors.

Q8: What’s the best way to decorate a kitchen?

A: The best way to decorate a kitchen is to have an island in the middle of the room. It makes it easier to prepare food and gives the room a more open feeling.

Q9: What are some things you can do to create a cozy bedroom?

A: Coziness is the feeling that you get when you’re in your bedroom. You want to make sure you have a comfortable bed and a nice view.

Q10: What are some things you can do to make a bedroom feel larger?

A: One way to make a bedroom feel larger is to have a large mirror in the room. You can also buy mirrors that hang from the ceiling.

Q11: What are some things you can do to make a bathroom look bigger?

A: The first thing you can do to make a bathroom look bigger is to install a large mirror in the room. The second thing you can do is to make sure that the shower or tub is big enough.

Q12: What are some things you can do to make a bathroom feel cozier?

A: One way to make a bathroom feel cozier is to hang a curtain around the shower or tub.




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