How To Arrange Family Pictures On A Wall ?

How To Arrange Family Pictures On A Wall ? This is a great question. Family photos are important. If you don’t have enough room to display them, you should think about arranging them in some creative ways. One way to do this is by using picture frames. You can hang them on the wall or you can use wall clocks.

Family pictures should be arranged in a way that is easy to see and doesn’t take up too much space. It’s a good idea to choose photos that have similar colors and themes. You can use frames or print them out and frame them.

You can either use a traditional frame or a modern frame. Modern frames usually feature glass and chrome, while traditional frames often feature wood and metal. You can also hang family photos on a wall using a picture hanger. The type of hanger you use depends on the size of the photo.

Smaller photos should be hung from a decorative picture hanger. If you have a larger photo, you should use a wall mount hanger.

9 Unique Ways to Display Your Photos on Walls

Photos tell stories. They’re the best way to preserve memories and help us relive the good times we’ve shared with our friends and family. And while most of us have a collection of photos sitting on hard drives or on our phones, sometimes the best place to show off those memories is on the walls in your home or office.

But how do you make them stand out? And how do you choose the right frame that fits your style? Here are 9 unique ways to display your photos on walls, so you can make them fit with your personality and décor.

1) Use a Plank

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or long-term solution, using a plank to hold up your family photos is one of our favorite ways to display photo collages. Not only does it give each picture equal visual weight and make for easy arrangement, but it gives your wall an industrial feel that would otherwise be difficult (and potentially risky) to create. Planks are inexpensive and easily customizable.


2) Hang From Pegboard

how to arrange family pictures on a wall

Make your photos stand out by hanging them from a pegboard. Pegboards allow you to arrange pictures according to color, theme, or size so that all of your favorite family shots are easy to see and accessible. Choose a wall in an area where you often spend time in front of a TV, next to a desk or dining table and create an appealing display.

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3) Create A Collage

how to arrange family pictures on a wall

Use a large print, as one of your family’s favorite vacation photos, and have it framed in a style that will blend with existing decor. Hang it on a dining room wall or above your sofa for an interesting focal point.

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It’s not just for houses! If you don’t have room for a horizontal gallery wall, consider going vertical with your photos. Start with a thick frame (even simple black will do), and hang it horizontally across your wall.

Stack up smaller frames within that frame, balancing them out evenly so that each photo is centered in its own square or rectangle. You can also create staggered columns of photos by hanging strips of frames in vertical rows.

5) Add Texture

how to arrange family pictures on a wall
source:House Beautiful

Adding texture to your walls gives a room depth and can be done easily with items you already have in your home. Head out to a craft store and pick up a few things like paint samples, scrapbook paper, construction paper or even fun washi tape (if you don’t want it permanent!). Now head back home and play around! Try placing them behind frames, using them as wallpaper or even using small bits of tape that match your color scheme for an interesting accent wall.

6) Ditch The Frames

how to arrange family pictures on a wall

Framed photos are fine for some wall decor, but ditching frames is a great way to start if you want something different. Framing costs money and often makes wall art harder (or impossible) to change. With that in mind, here are some unique options

7) Use Tape, Not Stickers

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Say you’ve gathered a few dozen pictures and want to display them on your wall. You could get a giant picture frame, but let’s face it you don’t have that kind of space in your apartment, and even if you did, having large chunks of the bare walls is not exactly ideal. The solution? Use removable adhesive tape for displaying pictures, so you can easily re-arrange them as needed without damaging your walls. Cheap, simple, and effective!

8) Attach To Different Surfaces

Wall art can help create a functional work of art in any room. Instead of purchasing costly frames and mats, use materials you already have around your home—like corkboards, magnets, and old book pages—to make a photo display that’s totally one-of-a-kind. These creations are sure to be conversation starters with family and friends visiting your home. What’s more?

9) Choose an Unconventional Frame

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Instead of placing photos into expensive frames, you can use unconventional items like wine bottles, wood panels or vintage suitcases as picture frames. It’s not just a great way to save money, but it’s also one that gives your home decor an interesting twist. Depending on what look you are going for in your home, you can find several alternative frames at thrift stores or craft stores and use them for displaying your family photos instead of your traditional method.


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