Hanging Heavy Pictures Without Nails

Hanging heavy pictures without nails is a very tricky thing to do. It is much easier to do hanging pictures with nails or to use screws. But this article will show you how to hang heavy pictures without nails.

There is an old wives tale about hanging pictures without nails. According to the tale, if you hang pictures without nails, then the picture will fall off and hit someone, which will surely cause a fight and a lawsuit. So you might think, well, I’ll just put some nails in the wall.

And the old wives’ tale is true! In fact, the opposite is also true: the fewer nails you use, the more likely the picture will come down and land on somebody.

That is because there are fewer support points to keep the picture from falling. You need to have the right amount of support for your hanging pictures. You can determine the correct amount of support for your pictures by simply putting a small piece of wood under the picture to provide the necessary support.

Hanging Heavy Pictures Without Nails: 5 Easy Ways

Heavy pictures are common in many houses, but if you don’t have nails that can hold them up safely, you need to find another way to hold the picture in place. In this article, we will tell you 5 easy ways to hang heavy pictures without nails!

hanging heavy pictures without nails

1) Placing the Hooks

The first step in changing your pictures without nails is choosing where to hang them. You will want to choose a place that has enough wall space for your picture but is not too busy or crowded with other things.

If you are hanging more than one picture, you should choose a location that offers plenty of space between them. While finding your perfect wall might take a little time, it is worth it when you can display your favorite photo without having to use a hammer and nails.

You will also need to determine if you have any electrical outlets on your wall. These outlets may get in the way if you are trying to hang something large, so it is best to check before making any holes in your walls.
Once you have chosen a spot for your pictures, you can begin attaching hooks.

Hooks come in many different sizes and shapes depending on what type of item they are intended for; however, most frames require small D-shaped hooks like those found at most hardware stores or home improvement centers.

2) Getting the wire through the holes

If you’re hanging a large picture, using wire can make it easier. First, hammer a nail through one of your frame’s holes.

Then, thread one end of your wire (nail-side) through that hole and leave a long tail on top (so you have something to grab). Finally, put an eye hook into your wall and tighten it down over your wire until it pokes through on its own. Once it does, use pliers to bend down that loopy bit so it doesn’t stick out.

Pull your wire tight and hammer in another nail—this time at a 90-degree angle from your first one—to secure both ends of your wire against each other.

You can now hang your picture by slipping its hanger onto both wires. The process is just as easy if you don’t have a picture frame; just tie both wires together around your hook. Or skip the wire altogether with our last trick…

3) Stretching Tightly, but Not Too Tightly

The most common mistake people make when hanging pictures is tying them too tightly to their hangers. This is especially true of large or heavy art pieces, as they can warp or crack over time if hung too tightly.

Try to pull your knotted string as taut as possible, but not so tight that it cuts into your wall—or that you’re struggling to tie it. You should be able to lift your picture a few inches off its hook without causing any damage.

It may also help to put a nail in at an angle and then hang your picture from that (you can fill in any holes later). Make sure your nails are no more than two-thirds of an inch longer than your frame, or else you risk cracking your piece when you hang it.

If you want to ensure no hammering is required for installation, look for screws with a plastic sleeve that allows them to slip through your frame without marring it.

4) Avoid Problems by Adding Weight

After you’ve picked a good picture-hanging spot, you can avoid some common problems by adding a little weight to your frame. Put a small bag of sand or even pennies in your frame before hanging it, and it will help keep it secure.

If you don’t have any extra weight on hand, try using two nails instead of one; with two nails, your picture should stay put. If you use two nails, make sure they’re identical so that both are evenly spaced from each other.

In order to find out if your nail holes will be hidden once your picture is hung, test-fit a nail into place beforehand. Don’t go overboard here—just add one or two drywall anchors at most (and definitely no more than four). The goal is simply to ensure that all four corners of your frame rest securely against the wall without wobbling around too much.

If you need help deciding where to put your nails, look for an existing stud on either side of where you want to hang your picture; it should feel solid when you tap it with a hammer.

If there aren’t any studs in convenient locations, use a stud finder and mark off each location before drilling in an anchor.
The last step in hanging a heavy frame is to make sure that it hangs straight and level from left to right.

5) The Final Stretch (and Hang!)

Once you’ve applied double-sided tape to your wall, it’s time to hang that picture. First, determine how far apart you want your nails to be.

This will vary depending on how big or small your frames are and what works best for you and your wall. Then, hammer in those nails! Use a level to make sure they’re straight before hanging anything.

If you have trouble getting your nail to go all of the ways into drywall, try using a hammer drill instead of just a regular old hammer. That should do it! Your pictures should now be securely attached to your wall—and no one will ever know that you didn’t use any nails at all.

Now you can start filling up your walls with even more photos and prints… Just remember to take them down when moving day comes around again! The Top 3 Benefits of Exercise (If You’re Not Doing It)

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