Bedroom wall decor for a heavenly hangout is an ideal reflection of who you are or what you would like to be. Having said that, we know that the designers and the interior decorators have tried hard to make bedrooms, study rooms, and sitting rooms more personal and with their own special frequencies and vibes.

These days we tend to associate wall décor with spaces like family rooms and dens. Sure we’ll add a print or two (or four) to the kids’ bedroom, but we never think about personalizing our own rooms with something bigger. The idea that your bedroom deserves the same attention as any other room in your house can be a little scary; however, making this small investment in personalizing your space will add a powerful punch to your room. It will also add a fun and bold twist to an otherwise boring space—and you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money doing it!

However, picking a bedroom wall decor is a difficult project – your walls have to set the tone for the room’s entire style! Are you tired of seeing boring white walls? Do they need a new look that will introduce a joyous glow to your nights’ slumber? Perfect – we have some tips on what you can do to bring your room from drab to fab, so fast-forward them walls!

Calming- Relaxing Wall Art For Bedroom


Forest scenes work well in bedrooms as they evoke a feeling of alpine freshness and can help you to achieve a calm, zen-like state. In summer forest scenes work even better as they help alleviate the stress of the intense heat, almost replacing it with a cool, cooling sensation. In winter forest scenes can have a similar effect helping to rid your space of deep winter blues and replace that with a sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

Art is powerful beyond words. The right artwork can transform a room and create a calming setting in which you can relax, rest your eyes and feel your troubles melt away. Quiet, soothing artwork can create a peaceful environment that is conducive to everyone enjoying a good night’s sleep. It also adds character to your bedroom and makes it a pleasure to wake up in each morning.

Dandelion pappus mid-spread is an artistic representation of the beauty and fragility of nature. It has a calming effect on me whenever I come across dandelions, as they gently float by my side as I walk on the sidewalk. A dandelion is a common roadside weed – transforms into a remarkable sculptural object after we blow away its seeds and filaments. Like an alien spacecraft, the dandelion’s way of transporting its seeds is really fascinating and at the same time, drop-dead beautiful.

Living walls aren’t just for the jungle – they’re an easy way to add some green to your home. While it can be challenging to grow a full-blown garden inside the confines of our homes and offices, we do have one tool at our disposal: vertical space. By growing foliage on walls, we create a fun focal point while utilizing the entire vertical space in any room. An otherwise boring wall can become a beautiful focal point without breaking your back trying to water plants.

In bedrooms, curtains are a great way to make the space your own. With so many options from different materials and colors, you can find a style that suits your room design perfectly. Of course, the amount of decorating you want to do depends on how much time you have and how much effort you wish to put in when it comes to bedroom curtains. Some people like to make the bedroom totally personal whereas others prefer to stick to functional bedding.

Dramatic Wall Art

Mirrors are not only an essential tool for creating more ambient space in a room, but they are also timeless when they are placed in the proper setting. Mirrors can complement any style, which makes it incredibly versatile. Mirrors can reflect light to bring new elements into space or become part of the décor itself. The placement of various sized mirrors will vary on the size of the room and there is no official rule on how small or what size reflections should be, but bigger is always better! For dramatic looks go big like Gatsby!

A mirror is like a window into another world that has the power to transport us and transform a space. It can make almost any interior feel larger, with an elusive extra dimension. So with building your interior design vision around this classic decor component, it is best to go big! If the walls around you feel like they’re closing in, grab a large mirror and place it among them for added drama. It really won’t take but a few minutes and can instantly give your space a contemporary look.

Create drama with color. Green, blue and orange help to create a calming bedroom space that can be utilized for both relaxing and better sleep. Lavender has long been considered to be one of the most relaxing wall colors, specifically due to its popularity in bedding used for hospital rooms.

Some may think the dramatic decor is for those who wish to make a statement, but the truth is dramatic decor is for those who wish to make a masterpiece. And if you’re a lover of color, then this article is for you.


Did you know your bedroom is the ideal place to let your personality shine? When I worked for a home builder I used to build many different bedroom styles. Some were Victorian-inspired, some had whimsical features, some were contemporary, etc. The point I’m trying to get at is there are so many ways to make your bedroom your own. The room where you are supposed to get away from the rest of the world and relax should be unique to you.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room in your home, adding vibrancy by way of color, texture, and shape. But what if you want to go just that little bit further? With wallpaper that is! And unlike the papery sheen of many people’s childhood rooms, today’s wallpaper trends are about striking patterns, geometric designs, and abstract artworks. The look comes in so many forms, so be sure to consider the space at hand, how it connects with the rest of your home’s design and finishes, as well as visioning what you really want from your wall decor before making a purchase.

Freshening up or overhauling your bedroom? You’re not the only one that thinks that floral patterns are just for grannies! Murals and wallpaper designs with floral themes are totally on-trend.

Fantastical Prints

One of the problems with everyday life is the grind. I’m talking about those tasks, habits, and other things we feel like we can’t do without, but secretly don’t really enjoy. Balance the grind of everyday life by creating a fantastical escape in your bedroom. For lovers of make-believe, there’s never been a better time to trick up your room with whimsical elements like fairy lights, tulle, and unusual wall decor.

The best thing about using blackboard paint as bedroom wall decor is that as soon as you get bored with it, you can rub it out and start all over again! As you watch the concept art evolve, the room will become a creative space where everybody will want to hang out.

Have you ever just daydreamed about a little slice of heaven where the stresses of life don’t exist? Where you have plenty of time to lie in your fluffy, new bed sipping a cocktail from a coconut shell. In the real world, this is impossible – but why not create it for yourself?

Evoking twilight moods and a sense of tranquility, this art print is great for the art deco lover as well as the fantasy art enthusiast. Particularly if you love a bit of a brooding atmosphere in your bedroom.

Keep the boho vibe going and take your style into the bedroom with a few DIYs like creating your own tented window treatments, or adding some faux greenery to your space.

Minimalist Wall Art For Bedroom

Browsing for interior decorating ideas can make you feel like there are no more new trends. But with these mind-blowing concepts, you’ll see that there are many gems waiting to be found. If you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your house, minimalist bedroom wall decor is all you need.

Instead of having the standard bed head, you can get something different like this rustic metal cage that adds to the minimalist feel of the bedroom. By having all this space you could use it to hang art, posters, soft furnishings and lot more.

With so much emphasis on home decor, the bedroom is often overlooked. If you don’t have one or if your bedroom isn’t up to your standards, it might be time to design a new one. If you don’t consider yourself creative but would still like to go the DIY route, choosing elegant black and white art is the perfect solution. It can be just large enough to act as a centerpiece or small enough to blend in with the wall. Regardless of its size, this painting will definitely spice up any room with elegance and refinement.

Abstract art, in its rudimentary form, is a pure creation of the imagination. It appeals to many people because it taps into their own thoughts and imagination. My own sense of style is somewhat minimalist so I was able to place it against the backdrop of my bedroom walls very successfully.

Now, onto the easy. Anyone can make this bedside table. It is as simple as can be and you’ll be able to give your bedroom a neat modern update. All you need is 3 planks of wood and some screws – that’s it!


We hope you enjoyed our bedroom wall decor for a heavenly hangout. Bedrooms are a place to relax and rest, and that is exactly what decor should do. You should feel a sense of peace and calm when you look at your bedroom decor. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and can escape from the stresses of the day.


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