Newborn Baby Girl Room Decorating Ideas

If you want to spice up your newborn baby girl room decorating ideas, but are willing to invest equitably, then here are a few suggestions. Inexpensive decorations that adorn the walls, use them as your focal point. Having an accent wall in neutral tones, such as white or beige, and adding unique wall decals is a great idea.

Newborn Baby Girl Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating the newborn’s girl room can be a challenging experience since it is for the baby of your own family. The important thing is to organize your ideas and apply them consistently to make this one relaxing space for the baby not just for sleeping but for playing there too.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to decorate the nursery for a newborn baby girl. All of those adorable girly details can become overwhelming to those that aren’t used to making little girls’ dreams come true. However, planning out your daughter’s room before she is born can help you stay on track and keep the entire process stress free once she arrives. This process doesn’t have to be difficult if you just take your time and plan every detail out early enough.

In this article, we will see a number of choices for newborn baby girl room decorating ideas.

1) Build a kid-friendly gallery wall

Make a Baby-Friendly Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are often featured in living rooms and dining rooms, but they’re also a great fit for nurseries because of how useful they can be. It’s not always easy to see your baby from the other end of the house, so having a gallery wall above their crib is a great place to display their favorite photos and books to keep them engaged when you’re out of sight.

A gallery wall can be a fine addition to many rooms in the home. An oversized gallery wall is of supreme importance in spaces like the living room and dining room, where large spaces need a focal point. However, there’s something so cute about adding a mini one to a nursery. Frame stills from your baby’s favorite storybooks and hangs them above a crib to feed your child’s imagination day and night. The best part is it’s Instagrammable, to boot.

2) Keep a winged bird with you

Have Birds of a Feather That Flock Together

“Ahhh” is what you’ll hear when you first lay eyes on this room, which takes inspiration from the latest trends. Worried about “cohabitating” with a tiny tot? Don’t be: This space is big enough for everyone—the perfect size for a nursery (and so inviting that mom and dad are likely to want to hang out too). When choosing nursery wallpaper, you want something that’s going to grow with your baby. That’s why this design works so well. The patterns will look great against stripped walls, an activity rug, and a high-contrast sprout toy. So even if you’re planning on painting over it one day, it’ll only have added character to the room. Another good tip is to choose a pattern that doesn’t have a lot of types (think stripes instead of calico prints) as sometimes type doesn’t translate as well once covered up with crib bumpers or wall decals.

With birds-of-a-feather flocking together is sure to please babies (and their parents!) for years to come. Special touches like a statement side table and velvet ottoman ensure the nursery is a space you’ll never want to leave—and we’re pretty sure baby will grow to love it too.

Not all birds make a nest, but when they do, that nest is a magical place… If a pretty nest isn’t enough to get you to the nursery or decorate his or her room, maybe this print will. After all, it’s part of our aviary baby collection which is full of wall art prints with aquatic undercurrents and feathers. It’s also refreshingly gender-neutral they’ll enjoy it no matter what color their feathers are.

3) Hunt for yellow

baby girl room decorating ideas

A gray and white nursery makes the perfect neutral backdrop for your growing baby girl. It’s easy on the eyes and creates a serene space for your little one to nap, play, and cozy up to storytime.

For those of us with children, the age of our children is constantly changing. Whether your child is an infant at two months or a toddler at two years, you need a nursery that grows with age. This gray and white nursery does just that by creating an easy-on-the-eyes backdrop for your growing baby girl that is appropriate for infants and toddlers. We also love how the sunny yellow additions make it infant-friendly. They don’t overpower the space and make it fun while still being neutral enough to grow with your precious angel.

4) Piles on prints in basic colors

baby girl nursery ideas small room

In comes the newest addition to Pile On The Prints, a fun and somewhat classic look for your child’s bedroom. It mixes a zebra-print wallpaper with red stripes and primary polka dots. Imagine the first time your child sees their bedroom wall, or if you are bringing your baby home from the hospital and the first thing she sees is her bedroom. Espresso-colored accents like the bed and dresser are what really make this wall set stand out from our other prints. There’s no time like now to get started with your own Pile On The Prints!

We can’t think of a more inspiring space than this bedroom that mixes zebra wallpaper, with red stripes and primary polka dots. The prints will keep your infant’s eyes wandering and the colors will surely stimulate their little brain.

Wallpaper is coming back stronger than ever and it’s no longer just for grown-ups! Mixing in a few large colorful prints with your design aesthetic can create a space that’s eye-catching and inspirational. It’s like getting your kid to imagine a world where they can be as creative as they want to be. Your kid will look at the walls every day, so it’s important to make sure that you pick something that both you and your child love. Check out this zebra wallpaper in red stripes and primary polka dots combination for your little one’s room.

5) Using natural things

baby girl room ideas not pink

The perfect mix of nature and home, a little Forest Haven goes a long way. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms, these birch tree wallpapers add not only visual interest to the space, but also help mask noise that might come from outdoors. Look no further than this rustic baby nursery fit for an adult cabin getaway.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a closer look and to admire the fine details. The true appeal of modern homes often lies in the eclectic character presented by smaller, carefully selected touches and creative arrangements. This is especially visible in this rustic baby nursery that makes use of various textures and hues to create an interesting visual contrast and effortlessly coordinated aesthetic. The ability to create a design that distinguishes itself through small smart details becomes even more important when dealing with a youthful décor characterized by vibrant tones, pale hues, and patterned accessories.

6) Go down the rabbit hole

baby girl room wall decor

Bunnies are a popular theme for baby girl nurseries and kids’ rooms in general. Maybe it’s the fact that rabbits are cute, fluffy, and small. Or maybe because bunnies have become a symbol of fertility due to the easiness with which they reproduce. Either way, if you’re still pondering on a theme for your baby’s room, bunnies feel equal parts feminine, playful, and infant-appropriate. Incorporate framed prints, bunny-ear accessories, and plush toys into your little girl’s room to drive home that fuzzy cottontail cuteness.

There are plenty of baby room ideas out there, but if you’re still pondering on a theme for your baby’s room, bunnies feel equal parts feminine, playful, and infant-appropriate. Incorporate framed prints, bunny-ear accessories, and plush toys into your little girl’s room to drive home that fuzzy cottontail cuteness.

7) Create the ultimate girl’s shelter

modern baby girl room ideas


Sure, many folks would call this room a “nursery,” but really it’s more like an ultimate girl’s hideaway. So what makes it so special? For starters, it’s filled with charming accents like a handpainted print, sculptural lamp , and crafty dresser. All of these add just the right amount of personality to the space while keeping its primary focus on the breathtaking artwork at the wall-to-wall level. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to get going so we can grab our own piece of this paradise before anyone else claims it. And once we’re done admiring this dream space, we’ll be sure to let you know what our favorite aspect is!

8) Go where love grows

baby girl nursery room decorating ideas

When it comes to boldly decorate a nursery, there’s no wrong or right. Just as long as it makes you smile, that’s all that really matters. For one happy family, a cheery wallpaper and a couple of birdcage pendant lights did just the trick.

A powder room is a small room so it’s important to choose the most impactful design! Cheery wallpaper and a whimsical pendant light may seem like overkill in such a tiny space, but it’s exactly what this happy family of three needed to turn their bathroom from drab to fab!

09) Make It One of a Kind

 baby girl nursery room decorating ideas

one of the biggest trends in baby rooms right now is personalized nameplates that hang above the crib. We love this one from Etsy shop Posh Puppy Boutique. It’s a special touch made especially for your little one that they’ll be sure to treasure forever. Hang this personalized nameplate in your little one’s nursery for a special, personal touch. It’s a unique spin on the classic nameplate that will look great hanging above the crib or dresser and will match any ensemble – from modern decor to traditional favorites!

For many years, the standard practice in baby room decor was to select from a limited range of theme-based nursery furniture. Today’s parents want something more personal, and one of the most popular ways to achieve this is with specially-customized pieces such as a nameplate made from your baby’s name (or initials) and a complementary design.

10) Choose Your Gadgets Wisely

 baby girl nursery room decorating ideas

Babies have a way of accumulating stuff. Before you know it, you’re filling your nursery to the brim, then spilling into the living room, and before long you get the feeling that the baby is taking over. As any parent can tell you, they are! This can be daunting when it’s time to make a nursery “count”, which means that your decorating eyes have to be set to narrow so as not to get overwhelmed with all of the cute baby gear available for sale on every shopping website known to man. But, there are some must-have items on a baby’s list that truly help when it’s crunch time, like a baby monitor and changing table.


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